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Our Story

It began with an unexpected pay rise. True to form, I wanted to give something back and do something with the extra money that would benefit me professionally and benefit the organisation that had recognised me. I decided to formalise my HR experience and set about studying for my Advanced Diploma in HR Management with the CIPD. 12 months, 8 assignments and 2 awards later, I’d developed my HR knowledge and experience vastly and reignited my beliefs that;

  • People are at the heart of every business,
  • Business needs and people needs aren’t always aligned,
  • Handling difficult situations well reaps rewards.

Boost HR was born from the desire to share my experience and approaches with other small and medium sized businesses so that employees and employers alike know that they are working legally, ethically and with respect.

Meet the Team

Nicola Callan

Founder & Managing Director

Nicola Callan is the founder and managing director of Boost HR. Nicola has worked for large organisations with thousands of employees and small ones with fewer than 20. She’s learnt that the corporate way isn’t the only way and that at the heart of every HR policy, rulebook and strategy is a desire for mutual respect.

Qualified in HR Management (CIPD L5 Adv Diploma), Leadership & Management (ILM L5 Adv Diploma) and Coaching & Mentoring (ILM L5 Adv Certificate), Nicola has experienced first hand the challenges of running a small business without HR experience in the team and can navigate the complexities and legalities of HR practice with the pragmatism needed in smaller organisations.

Her commitment to treating every people situation (from recruitment through to redundancy, resignation and retirement) professionally and personally has seen her reputation as a people professional grow. Through Boost HR, Nicola wants to help other businesses with their HR needs and to continue her development in this rewarding field.

Nicola says "Throughout my career, I've always loved the people element of the work that I do and am an experienced leader, consultant, learning & development practitioner and performance coach. I want as much of my working time to be spent on the things I enjoy most. Launching Boost HR is a great platform for me to do just that."

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