Boosters : Easy Feedback Tool

The number 1 reason people don’t give feedback? They want to avoid conflict. Imagine you’ve just observed one of your team interact with a colleague and it didn’t quite hit the mark. You want to help but you’re worried that if you try to give feedback, it might become confrontational. Try this. What went well.


Boosters : Fluency of Ideas

In a time where the future of our work holds the threat of robots and automated processing, it’s helpful to remind ourselves of the ‘human skills’, the skills that will be most sought after in the coming years and what we can do to further develop these. This time we’re looking at Fluency of ideas


Boosters : Reflecting

All through our lives we are encouraged to take stock and reflect. As a child, I would be told to stand in a corner of the room and think about what I had just done and only come back when I was ready to say sorry. Inevitably, I would stand there for a bit, think


Boosters : Making a great first impression

Meeting someone who’s important to you for the first time? Nervous? Try this. Whether it’s a new customer, a supplier or you’re being interviewed for a job, it’s only natural that you will want to make a great first impression. There are a plethora of top tips out there for how to dress, present yourself,

How a horse disrupted my thinking

Disruptive thinking My shoulder is smarting and my body is still on high alert with the remnants of the adrenaline that has been coursing through my veins.  I’d never been attacked by a horse before today.   “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” I love my lunchtime walks. I enjoy being out in the

Trending Topics : Flexible Working

The Prime Minister has targeted all jobs to be advertised as flexible from day 1 by 2020. Are you #happytotalkflexibleworking? In response to the productivity challenge faced by the UK, the changing demographic of the workforce and the findings of Good Work : The Taylor Review of Working Practices, there is a movement calling for


Working Better Together – 5.Feedback

A crucial part of working better together is being able to give and receive feedback. Whether it’s because something has been done incorrectly or because someone’s behaviour isn’t in line with ‘how we do things round here’ there are times, whether we are a people leader or not, that would benefit from some feedback being

Working Better Together – 4. Cognitive Biases

Cognitive biases affect how we make decisions. They often occur at an unconscious level in that we don’t notice that we have been influenced by a bias in a decision we make, however we can learn to be quite good at spotting them in others. Most people are affected by cognitive biases in the same

Working together

Working Better Together – 3. Influencing Techniques

Let’s start with what influencing is, and what it is not. Because, I find there’s often an ‘elephant in the room’ when I deliver development sessions on influencing. Some people feel it is bad. Not in the down-with-the-kids way where it is actually good but where it is evil. Bad. Manipulative. Something that they feel