Working Better Together – 4. Cognitive Biases

Cognitive biases affect how we make decisions. They often occur at an unconscious level in that we don’t notice that we have been influenced by a bias in a decision we make, however we can learn to be quite good at spotting them in others. Most people are affected by cognitive biases in the same

Working together

Working Better Together – 3. Influencing Techniques

Let’s start with what influencing is, and what it is not. Because, I find there’s often an ‘elephant in the room’ when I deliver development sessions on influencing. Some people feel it is bad. Not in the down-with-the-kids way where it is actually good but where it is evil. Bad. Manipulative. Something that they feel

Working Better Together – 2. Understanding Others

In my previous blog we explored how working better with others starts with understanding ourselves better. Having determined your own preferences using the social styles model, you can now consider how well you will work with others. This is not about changing (unless you want it to be). This is about noticing and adapting. Noticing

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How are you? When someone asks ‘How are you?’ How do you respond? If you’re like most people, chances are you will say ‘fine’. Or even ‘fine thanks, how are you?’ Fine. What does that even mean? Personally, I respond with either ‘good thanks’, or ‘great thanks’, depending on just how well my day is

Trending Topics : Gender Pay Gap

Government confirms medium-sized businesses will NOT have to report on gender pay gap from 2020. Much has been made of Gender Pay Gap Reporting and although well intentioned, it has not been without its complexities. Companies have struggled to locate accurate data to make and verify the six calculations required. HR, PR and marketing teams

Introducing… Boost HR

Hello! I’m delighted to introduce Boost HR, a new company offering HR support and consultancy to small and medium-sized businesses initially in Skipton and the surrounding area. I’m Nicola Callan, a people professional with oodles of experience in leadership, HR, engagement and development.  I love seeing people thrive in their work and I believe that