Boosters : A coaching approach

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When the learning doesn’t stick

“We’ve previously invested in coaching skills for our people, and to start with we could see a difference, but it’s just not stuck. Our Team Leaders are back to their old ways again now.”

I always feel a little bit sad when I hear this . We’ve all been there – we go on a course, try out our new skills and within a few weeks some of the good stuff has stuck but lots of it has fallen away.

I don’t use the word ‘embedding’ lightly. So know that when we work with you, we WILL help you to embed a coaching approach. We have a variety of methods and techniques that achieve this and we align each approach to the individuals involved so that everyone has something that works for them.  

The end result? Not only that the learning is translated from classroom to contact centre but that further learning takes place from the practice and reflection of deploying these skills in a peer to peer environment.

Want to make learning stick? Empower, Enable, Engage. Empower people with the attitude and skillset they need, Enable them by providing opportunity to practice and reflect, Engage them with others who can support.

Why coaching works

If you’re not sure that adopting a coaching approach is the right thing for your contact centre, you’re not alone. But since you’re here, why not see if any of these sound familiar…

  • You’ve introduced a number of solutions and initiatives in the last 18 months or so, but they’re just not quite coming together.
  • You know your people are capable of more, but it’s as though something’s holding them back.
  • Your customer feedback is good, but it’s plateaued. You want more.
  • There’s a lack of engagement and motivation. Your people are doing their jobs but not often going the extra mile for their customers or their colleagues.

If one or more of these points ring true, then a coaching approach WILL have a positive impact. Whether it’s resurrecting or reinforcing your current approach or bringing in something new, coaching works. Why? Because it truly does put the person at the heart of it.

Coaching Practise

Try this. Find two other people who adopt a coaching approach in their day to day work and set up a coaching group.

Meet on a regular basis and use the session as an opportunity to practice coaching, learn from others as you observe them coaching and to be coached, all in a safe space.

Group coaching activities can be a great way to try something a bit different, learn from others who you perhaps wouldn’t otherwise work with and to support each other as you develop.

These were some snippets of some groups I checked in with recently.

“This is one of the best things that has come from our new coaching approach. I wouldn’t have shared or learned from these people otherwise.”

“Every time I do something in my coaching that works, I can’t wait to come back to my group and tell them!” If you fancy giving this a go, check out our Group Coaching Activities download on the free stuff page on our website. No personal details required. Free really is free.

See you next week!