Boosters : All change! Or is it?

All change! Or is it?

We encounter change so often in our lives and our ability to deal with it is dependent not least on how we feel about that change. (See last week’s Booster if you’d like an activity to help with this).

It’s quite typical to focus on the things that have changed. The things that are different. The things that are causing us to respond in ways that may or may not feel comfortable to us. Yet so often the things that have changed are far fewer in number than the things that have not.

As the UK population continues to observe the government advice of Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives it seems as though our lives have been turned upside down. And in many ways, they have. Home schooling, working from home, remote and virtual socialising not to mention the impact on peoples livelihoods are all very different to how we have been living our lives up until now. But there are also a huge number of things that are the same. Things that we can and do continue to do as well as things we continue not to do.

By taking some time to notice all the things that are the same, and that we can be grateful for, we can create an anchor for ourselves (and those around us). Observing routines anchor us. Doing activities that we are familiar with anchor us. Speaking to people we typically speak to anchors us. Yes, your routine might be a little different to how it was but the core part of it (wake, eat, work, eat, work, exercise, eat, relax, sleep) will broadly be the same. Yes, the activities might be a little different too (my group Les Mills class at the gym is now a solo ‘on demand’ event in my office) and yes the way you speak to the people you typically speak to may be through a different method but you’re still enjoying the engagement, interaction and connection with others.

Anchoring ourselves through this experience, knowing that this too will pass and that everything is temporary, will help us to feel safe, tethered and attached to our reality. Noticing same-ness, not difference is a great way to help shift our thoughts and bring new perspectives.