Boosters : Career Coaching

This is one to share with your friends and colleagues who may be looking for their next role right now. Packed full of tips and insights, this is what we’ve been sharing on our LinkedIn page this week. Check it out for yourself by clicking on the LinkedIn icon below.

  1. Helping people to help you

Remember this : people want to help

If you’re looking for work, people will want to help you.

What people do to help will be variable in its effectiveness dependent upon their own resources and experiences. Some might say ‘let me know what I can do to help’ and others might book in a cuppa with you when what you really need is for someone to make an introduction or referral.   

Be specific.

Write to each person individually, explain that you’re looking for your next career move and invite them to do one or more of the following. ‘The following’ should be appropriate to the relationship you have with them. So, asking a trusted colleague who knows you well and who you respect to review your CV would be appropriate. Requesting a former colleague who now works at a company you want to join to keep an eye out for roles would be appropriate.  

Saying ‘anything you can do to help would be appreciated’ is well intentioned but likely to get far fewer results than ‘could you spare 15 minutes to write a post a testimonial on Linked In for me? Happy to reciprocate.’

Help others to help you. They want to. They just want to know how.

2. Tell your Stories

Interview skills top tip – Tell your stories

We know story telling is powerful. It’s proven that the neural pathways of the people hearing a story light up in the same way as if they were the person that the story happened to. This act releases chemicals in us that creates a greater connection with the story, the story teller and our memory of it.

So, when you’re being interviewed for a role, tell your stories.

In advance of the interview, identify 3-5 stories that you want to weave into your answers. These might be your proudest moment, the biggest challenge you overcame, how you built your reputation… you get the idea.

They should be short enough to weave into the conversation and into your responses. They don’t need to be funny, they do need to be truthful and do think carefully exactly how much you want to share!

Do this, and you will have an edge over other candidates who don’t as you will be memorable –for all the right reasons!

3. Free Resources for Job Hunters

For today’s post, I have collated 5 resources for you to dip into and share with others as you continue refining your job search, application and interviewing techniques. All links are on our LinkedIn page. Use the LinkedIn button at the bottom of this page to take you there.

Listen to this. Generational Exceptional podcast – 2 episodes. I was invited to share some insight for those looking for work for the first time in a while and to share some good practice that will set you apart from others as you do. The first episode was so well received that I was invited back for a second, both packed full of ideas, hints and tips.

Read this. Making a great first impression remotely – parts 1 and 2. The first part is all about the tech, the second all about you. Some helpful tips and reminders that can make the difference between an awkward and clunky interaction and one that makes you stand out, for all the right reasons.

Download this. CV Writing Hints and Tips. In the free stuff section of my website, no email addresses or other personal details needed, simply help yourself to what will help you most.

Good luck and keep going to everyone out there on this path right now. It’s tough, but you’re tougher.