Boosters : Congratulations!


What a year!

All those successes, you’ve achieved so much!

So why is it that right now, the things that spring to mind are the things not completed, the mistakes and the ‘not gone wells’?

Because we’re human. We imprint in our minds the things that don’t go so well, the negative feedback we receive, the customer complaint. Unfortunately, we don’t do the same with the positive things in the same way.

No wonder we give ourselves such a hard time!

Noticing and enjoying successes can be a step towards ‘righting this wrong’. Whether it’s capturing successes at the end of each day/week, noticing them in the moment or using a friend or colleague to point them out to you – success is everywhere.

The cumulative impact of noticing achievements is huge. You’ve heard the phrase ‘behaviour breeds behaviour’? So does success. The more we notice our achievements and acknowledge the part we play in them, the more likely we are to notice subsequent success, in ourselves and others.

So, take my word for it. Congratulations. What a year! You truly have achieved so much.