Boosters : Head or Heart

Do you make decisions led by your head or your heart? This one can be contentious. Often people don’t like to say that they are led by the head as they worry that they might come across as being hard or emotionless. Equally, people don’t always like to say that they are ruled by the heart as they may appear emotional!

As before, this isn’t about what you are or are not, it’s about your preference. Chances are you can still work with both perspectives, it’s just that one feels more comfortable for you.

Imagine your neighbour has just knocked at your front door. They are visibly upset and tell you that they have just got home and found that they have been broken into. What’s the FIRST thing you do?

Someone with a preference for thinking (head) will be making sure that the police have been called, that the property is safe, that pets and children are ok and so on. Someone with a preference for feeling (heart) will be focussed on the neighbour, how they are doing, making them a cup of tea, reassuring them, consoling them.

We need both head and heart to make sound decisions and we need both to drive our actions. Whichever we believe our preference to be, it is important to remember that the other is our second preference. Not fourth, not tenth, second. So how do you make decisions? Head or heart?

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