Boosters : Pressing Pause

Pressing Pause

The more vigilant among you will have noticed that these Boosters have become a little irregular over recent weeks. I’ve decided that this will be the last one for a little while and invite you to read on to see if anything of what follows resonates with you.

Talking about unprecedented times, wellbeing, change curve, new normal (or newnorm), how to work effectively from home, gratitude – feels somewhat… trite. To me at least. It seems that every social media scroll, every complimentary webinar, every free e-book is on one of these topics and I’m not sure I want to contribute to that noise. It’s becoming deafening.

Don’t get me wrong, each on their own is often packed with value, with helpful and well-meaning observations and tips for getting through these unusual times. Pile them all on top of each other though and it’s a cacophony of advice, pulling me in different directions.

As someone who has a high achievement driver coupled with a need to be informed (I can’t look at a stacked bookshelf without seeing it as a ‘to do’ list), I’ve chosen to socially distance myself from such material. Similar to how some are choosing to only entertain one news source on a daily basis, perhaps.

It is no discredit to the authors of these posts, many of whom are not only extremely talented experts in their fields but also friends and associates. Nor is it a discredit to those who find the comfort, education and rationalisation they are seeking in such articles. This decision is about being authentic and true to myself. I cannot, with integrity, post in times, about times, where I am adding to the very thing from which I am distancing myself. Instead, I am choosing to pause for now. Observe for a while. Hold the silence, if you will. From a social media perspective anyway.

I’m still busy, working with some wonderful clients, doing lots of coaching and HR support as well as taking some time to work on the business and in it. I’m always grateful when I get to do the work I love so know this is a pause rather than a stop.

In the meantime, do check out the archive of Boosters on the website, contact me with suggestions for topics for the future or drop me a note if you’d like to say hi.

Wishing you well,