Boosters : Structure or Spontaneity?

Do you like structure or to go with the flow?

How full is your diary? Not your work one. The fun one. Catching up with friends, taxi-ing the kids around, a sneaky weekend away… are you booked up for months or do you prefer to be a bit more spontaneous?

Some people have a preference to be organised, structured and have a plan or a schedule. Others prefer to go with the flow, deciding spontaneously and close to the event if they’re going to do something. Neither is right or wrong, good or bad but this pairing in particular can cause conflict between people with opposing preferences.

Imagine you are someone who, when they get a piece of work to do, likes to create a plan – perhaps with some milestones or mid-way targets to meet, culminating in a delivery on or ahead of schedule. You’ll be happy working to your plan and tracking your progress as you go. One of the people your piece of work depends on however has a more relaxed approach. Give them a deadline and they will meet it, but probably because they dropped everything else the day before to get everything done in time. This ‘last-minute’ nature can cause huge tension for someone who has a plan! And vice versa – feeling the pressure of a plan or schedule can be stressful for someone who wants to go with the flow.

Notice the preferences of the people you work with and if you can adapt your style in favour of their preference you might just find that everything works a little better.

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