Boosters : The Why, What and How of a Coaching Approach – How?

Think of coaching as an ingredient for something bigger. Yes it can be enjoyed and consumed on its own but when added to a mix of other things, can help to transform itself and the other things into something much better.

Having a quality assurance framework in place is a must for regulated industries and good practice for everyone else. Using the data that derives from the quality assessments to feed the coaching conversations that you have can be really helpful. The same goes for having data from interactions analytics such as speech or text analytics and from Voice of Customer, CSAT or NPS data. Each of these are ingredients too and should be treated as contributors to the whole rather than the only truth.

Coaching can do wonders to augment the embedding of new technology. Say you were deploying a new WFM or EEM tool. Your tech and change people will no doubt be responsible for the implementation but it’s the technical specialists, peers and people leaders that need to turn the introduction into embedding. Using a coaching approach, where people notice why they are resisting the change (because they will!), what’s within their control and outside of their control, how they can work with the technology to improve their working experience are all really helpful approaches to get people on board, adopting the new tech and getting the most from it.

Building on what you’ve already got

Equally, if you are introducing a coaching approach, don’t do it in place of your existing interventions, use it to complement and augment what you’re already doing. One of my clients refers to this is as bringing the threads together, which I rather like. You’re undoubtedly doing some great things already, don’t lose these.

You might think about introducing coaching sessions into your model, be they 121, group, peer to peer and I would highly advocate this. But also think about how you can bring a coaching approach into other things. Your team meetings perhaps? Group problem solving. Wellbeing meetings and return to work interviews. Part of your performance management 121s. How you feedback to people. Coaching sessions are one thing but weaving a coaching approach through your other interventions can be a really neat way of tying things together.

In short, I guess what I’m saying is that coaching can exist in isolation but to get the best from it, and from your other interventions, use it as something to make your other activites even better. It’s the chocolate flake to your ice cream. You can have an ice cream. You can eat a flake. But only when the two come together is it truly a 99!

Top Tips

So in summary, and in as few words as possible my top tips are as follows… Know your purpose, speak the same language and join the pieces together.

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