Boosters : Using MBTI to increase Self Awareness

The first step to working better with others is to start with self.

The past few posts have been dedicated to the preferences related to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and about noticing the qualities of each preference. If you missed them, check them out on the blog page of the website.

When it comes to our preferences, neither is wrong or right, nor are they are indicators of our ability or competence. They are simply preferences and it is helpful to remember that knowing what our preferred state is helps us to work to our strengths, give reasons as to why we might find some situations stressful (if we are working to our opposite preference for a sustained period of time, for example) and to adapt our style to be able to effectively accommodate preferences of others.

Undertaking an assessment individually, perhaps as part of a continuous professional development (CPD) goal can reap huge benefits in terms of self awareness, fulfilment at work and harmony with others. Undertaking the assessment as a team, to help work better together, to understand each other and to be a productive, effective unit who understand and respect each other is a great investment of time and money that will pay you back time and time again. With a qualified practitioner as your facilitator, you will spend time understanding the preferences, how they manifest themselves and the characteristics of each one. Not only will this benefit your relationships at work, your appreciation of the preferences will play out in all other aspects of your life too.

If you’d like to undergo a Myers Briggs (MBTI) assessment, either individually or as a team, contact me today to discover more. Prices start from just £375 per person.