Boosters : What do you see?

Look out the window. What do you see? Write down a few words to describe it.

Often people will write a variety of things, some describing the individual things that can be seen, others describing the scene as a whole. I run this as an exercise in my strategic thinking course and show an image of a painting. Some people will write down the things that are in it (a horse and cart, a group of men, a theatre) where others will write down the themes within the painting (Victorian era, European city, classes at work). Most will write a combination of both.

Detail focussed or big picture aware? Neither is wrong but don’t forget that they are mutually exclusive – while you’re looking at the big picture you can’t possibly see the minute detail and when you’re looking at the detail you lose sight of the big picture. Sure, you can do both, just not at the same time.

Knowing your preference, and understanding that this is not about capability, simply where you prefer to operate, can help you notice where you might be missing a trick.

Not sure where your preference lies? Take a look at the very first thing you wrote down from the exercise above as that will likely give you a clue.

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