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Who doesn't like a freebie? This page has some of the materials we use in our coaching, career coaching and skills development sessions. Help yourself and download to your heart's content.

 No need to trade your name or email address to access these. They're here for the taking. We hope you find them useful and if you have any questions, we're always happy to help.

Wheel of Life

A coaching favourite. Use this to rate how satisfied you are with each of the 'spokes' of life, and how satisfied you would like to be. Notice the difference and devise a plan to close the gap. #coaching #lifecoaching #personaldevelopment

Setting the Direction

Brilliant for working out what you want to do with your career. Take stock of what you've done, what you enjoy and where you want to go next. #careercoaching #twentysomething #whatdoiwantobewhenigrowup

Action Plan

You've decided on a change you want to bring about. Dig deep to understand what this change will mean to you, record your thinking and ensure that dream becomes a reality. #actionplanning #commitment #purpose #coaching

Group Coaching Activities

Use these techniques when you want to practise your coaching skills. Ideal for groups of 3-6, these activities help you develop key coaching skills such as listening, questioning, affirming and feeding back.  #coachingpractice #professionaldevelopment

CV Writing Tips

Whether you're refreshing your CV or writing it for the first time, don't do anything until you've downloaded this tip sheet, sure to make your CV stand out for the right reasons. #careercoaching #CVwriting #onwardsandupwards

GROW Question Bank

For those new to coaching and those who'd like a few extra questions up their sleeve, check out this reference sheet for coaching questions aligned to the GROW model. #coaching #coachingpractice #mindsgoneblank