Introducing… Boost HR

Hello! I’m delighted to introduce Boost HR, a new company offering HR support and consultancy to small and medium-sized businesses initially in Skipton and the surrounding area.

I’m Nicola Callan, a people professional with oodles of experience in leadership, HR, engagement and development.  I love seeing people thrive in their work and I believe that no matter the size of the business, good HR practices can enable this success – rewarding you, your people and your customers.

Our approach is simple.  Hands on when you need us and hands off when you don’t. Trustworthy, pragmatic and affordable. Your ‘go to’ partner for everything ‘people’.

Your business is your passion and your livelihood – you know it inside out. You know your industry, your customers, your suppliers, your numbers and your people. An expert in what you do, you sure are. An expert in the ethics, legalities and best practice of HR? Perhaps not.

For businesses without any HR professionals, Boost HR can support everything from getting the basics right through to attracting and recruiting new people, retaining and developing existing people, engagement & culture and how to handle people leaving you.

For businesses with HR capability, Boost HR offers that additional support when you need it most. That extra pair of skilled and experienced hands that help to lighten the load, act as a sounding board and offer that ‘outside in’ perspective.

Boost HR doesn’t require you to pay a monthly retainer, or annual subscription. This is HR support on your terms – a boost when you need it most.

Think we can help you? Tell us what’s on your mind and we’ll be in touch for a chat. No strings. No fuss.