We provide one-to-one performance coaching, team coaching, career coaching, coaching skills training and consultancy support to help you embed a coaching approach in your organisation.

Empowering.  Enabling.  Engaging.

Coaching - Embedding a Coaching Culture

Embedding a Coaching Culture

The benefits of having a culture where people are empowered, enabled and engaged are increasingly understood however implementing a coaching culture is often a step too far. Using our proven approach of bringing the threads together, treating coaching as one part of a greater people strategy and building repeatable, routine making activity, we will work with you to implement and embed a coaching culture that lasts.

Coaching - Coaching Skills

Coaching Skills

You want to bring about a culture where people own their development and are enabled to find their own solutions to problems. You’re uncomfortable with people leaders telling their team members what to do, but recognise that they don’t have the skills to do things differently. This programme introduces coaching as a concept, some key models and loads of practical activity to put learning into practice.

Coaching - Developing Professionals Programme

Developing Professionals

The perfect programme for talented individuals, whom you want to offer targeted, professional support to as they progress their career. Ideal for retaining and developing existing and aspiring leaders and specialists who you know are the talent of tomorrow. A one to one, six session programme combining coaching, skills development, mentoring and a Myers Briggs Profile tailored to the needs and goals of the individual.

Coaching - Bespoke Programmes

Bespoke Programmes

Maybe you've had coaching before and simply want to purchase a block of sessions. Or maybe you're new to it and want to try out a couple of sessions before you commit more. Whether you have a little bit of budget left at the end of the year or are consciously deciding to invest in you and your team's personal and professional development, talk to us about your needs and we can agree a bespoke package to suit you.

Coaching - Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Reckon there might be more to work than what you're doing right now? Career Coaching helps you to identify what matters to you most so that you can set the direction you want to take with your career,  clear the path of obstacles and enables you to make it happen with practical support.  The programme is available privately to clients on a 121 basis, as shown, or as a corporate offering as outplacement support. Contact us for more details.

Why Coaching Works - Website

Why Coaching Works

Often people have heard of coaching but can't quite articulate what it is. We regularly hear people talking about coaching when in fact they mean training, feedback, performance management, mentoring or quality assessing. This article debunks some myths around coaching, explains the benefits of coaching and gives some tips as to how to get started with deploying coaching activity in your place of work.

Case Study - Coaching

case study text

Read how Boost HR’s coaching service builds confidence, resilience and perspective.

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