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Policy Packs

Whether you’re just starting out, or have been going for a while but just haven’t yet got your people policies in place, our policy packs include key policies to keep you and your employees safe, compliant and supported. Light touch or fully comprehensive, packs are fully customised to your specific needs and reflect your company culture. Once delivered, the policies are yours to keep, refer to and host as you wish. Click here to read more (PDF).

Retained Services

Ideal for small to medium businesses that can’t justify the need of an employed People Director/HRBP but do want a people professional on the team. Acting at a strategic level, such as helping to shape your culture and values, advising on leadership and engagement, and designing performance management frameworks, we are the safe pair of hands you're looking for.  Admin support also available. Click here to read more (PDF).

Bespoke Engagement

Your business is growing and you want to instil good practice when it comes to leadership, performance management and communication. Or, you’ve got a tricky employee situation that you need some external support with. Or, you’re restructuring your business and you need professional support as you work through the re-organisation. Or, you’re not sure what you need, but you know you need something. We're here. Click here to read more (PDF).

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Read how Boost HR is supporting a data and tech firm through its rapid growth from start up to SME.

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