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Influencing Skills

Influencing Skills

Do you sometimes struggle to get agreement and action from others? Do you need your people to be able to influence stakeholders more effectively so that you’re not involved in every conversation? Including behavioural science research, models and loads of practical activity to bring the concepts to life, our Influencing Skills course is not only engaging and highly effective, it will benefit you in and out of work.

strategic thinking

Strategic Thinking

“Our people are great at what they do but they’re so involved in the here and now that sometimes they lose sight of the big picture.” I heard this so often, I created this course. Strategic Thinking helps your people see the golden thread that links what they do to the overall strategy, excites them with your purpose and vision and enables them to directly contribute to the future success of the business.

stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

Whether your team’s in a change function or they’re involved in initiatives alongside their core role, effective stakeholder identification and engagement is crucial to the successful delivery of their work. In this programme, learn how to identify and map key stakeholders, determine how and when to communicate with them and embark on an introduction to influencing skills. Includes practical tips that can be used immediately.

People Development coaching skills

Coaching Skills

You want to bring about a culture where people own their development and are enabled to find their own solutions to problems. You’re uncomfortable with people leaders telling their team members what to do, but recognise that they don’t have the skills to do things differently. This programme introduces coaching as a concept, some key models and loads of practical activity to put learning into practice.

Developing your people - Effective Working Practices

Effective Working Practices

Do you feel that you’re being pulled in all directions and there simply aren’t enough hours in the day? Yet deep down, you know that your time isn’t as productive as it could be? Effective working practices addresses 6 key concepts – including time management, prioritisation and managing interruptions – so that you feel in control of your work, are doing things that add value and have tactics to overcome obstacles when they arise.

feedback skills

Feedback Skills

Most people want to do a good job, right? And most people want to know how they can be even better. It’s true. What we’re not always great at is giving and receiving feedback. In this programme, learn some key points around the psychology of feedback, how to overcome the barriers we put up,  how to give feedback in such a way that enables and empowers the recipient and how to receive feedback graciously.


Developing your people - Improving Engagement

Improving Engagement

Do you want to be surrounded by people who enjoy coming to work and get fulfilment from what they do? Do you want that for yourself too? Our engagement masterclass shows you how to make that possible by introducing you to MyModel©, teaches you the deeper concepts of engagement at work (we’re not talking pink and fluffy here) and leaves you with an approach you can deliver in your workplace.

Developing your people - Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Sometimes, having a couple of days learning together as a team can be just what’s needed to strengthen relationships, focus on personal development and improve performance. Undertaking MBTI profiling together will develop a whole-team awareness of personality preferences, identify how those preferences play out in times of stress and how working in different ways can get the very best from each team member.

people profiling

People Profiling

Personality clashes among the team are causing distraction. You’ve built a team where people have different strengths but rather than pulling together there’s some underlying tension. Understanding personality preferences; how people typically present themselves, respond to challenge and work at their best will enable your people to identify where there are differences and learn how to get the best from each other.


Click here for programme details - Influencing Skills

Influencing Skills

Often people shy away from influencing. They associate it with manipulation, or worse, coercion. Influencing isn’t that. It’s about deriving a situation where everyone wins. By understanding how we make decisions, how our personal preferences influence our relationships with others and how we respond to influencing strategies, we can set about creating win:win situations at work and at home.

Influencing Skills is ideal for anyone who sometimes struggles to get buy-in from others, anyone who is leading teams or projects, anyone who wants to get the very best out of their people and anyone who would like to learn things that will help them in their whole life, not just work.

“Not everyone works or thinks the same […] Everyone is different, so adapting my style of working will build a better relationship. Another great day.”

Click here for programme details - Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking

It’s one of the most common reasons leaders don’t delegate complex work to their teams. “They don’t think strategically enough”.  But what is strategic thinking and how can the skill be learnt? This programme is underpinned by your strategy and covers the ‘golden thread’; the link from vision, values and purpose through to the day to day activity, common strategic models and some thinking activities designed to initiate creative and big thinking that can be replicated in the working environment long after the workshop is over.

This programme is ideal for junior and middle managers to develop their skillset to be able to contribute to the strategic direction of the function or business. It’s also effective as a pre-cursor for reviewing your strategy and also to support the delivery of a pre-determined strategy. Talk to us for more details if this is your situation.

“High energy session delivered fantastically with great content. Really hit the mark.”


Click here for programme details - Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

Effective stakeholder engagement can be the difference between an initiative being adopted, embedded and successful, and it repeatedly failing to deliver the returns expected. Whether it’s not taking time at the start to identify key stakeholders, not creating a bespoke communication plan for each type of stakeholder or failing to influence them at crucial times, every reason for not engaging stakeholders has a solution.

This programme uses current or imminent initiatives in your organisation so that delegates come away with not only the principles of effective stakeholder identification and mapping, engagement and influencing but also a stakeholder map and communication plan, specific to their project, that they can start to use immediately.

“I’ve come away with new tools and techniques [...] to enhance my development in my career, thank you.”

Click here for programme details - Coaching Skills

Coaching Skills

You recognise that when people identify for themselves how they can improve their performance, they are much more likely to act. And you know that non-directive, open conversations will help to uncover this. But you also know that it is much quicker for your Team Leaders to tell rather than ask so you’re stuck in a cycle of ‘tell – no change – tell again – some change’ meaning standards and performance are lower than you would like.

The coaching skills programme teaches delegates some basic coaching models, provides opportunity for them to create their own question bank and introduces the chance to practice coaching, obtain feedback and learn from others. Crucially, it’s all done in the context of short, powerful interactions so that conversations with coaching at their heart are easy to deploy and in time become ‘the way we do things round here’.

“I feel confident I can use the tools provided to improve my coaching sessions.”

Click here for programme details - Effective Working Practices

Effective Working Practices

Knowing that we’ve done a good day’s work is a core motivator for most people but when distractions, interruptions and new priorities come into play, it can sometimes feel frustrating that we’re not getting to do what we do best.

In Effective Working Practices, learners experience a fast-paced, interactive and fun half-day workshop that addresses six key reasons we’re not as effective as we might be at work. Each module has practical activities, theory, discussion  and tactics on how to overcome them. Leaving with a notebook filled with ideas and a clear action plan of the changes they are going to make, this is a course that pays back in bucket-loads.

“Great advice, useful hints and tips. Loved learning by interaction and engagement – and the activities.”

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Feedback Skills

Both giving and receiving feedback are crucial for personal development, motivation and job satisfaction yet the act of giving feedback is one that many people avoid, for fear of conflict arising. It can be tough being on the receiving end too – if it’s positive we tend to dismiss it and if it’s constructive it can be hard to hear.

The Feedback Skills programme starts by dipping into the psychology of feedback to help us understand why we feel and react the way we do. It teaches delegates how to give feedback in such a way that enables and empowers the recipient, without causing undue worry in advance. And it gives tips on how to receive and act on feedback graciously.

“I feel more aware and confident in giving feedback to others now. I get that it’s too valuable to not do it.”


Click here for programme details - Improving Engagement

Improving Engagement

An engaged workforce will help take your business to the next level; they’ll understand what you’re trying to achieve, contribute ideas, give discretionary effort, be emotionally invested in the business, enjoy coming to work and delight your customers. A disengaged workforce will generate confusion, hold back their skills, may cause reputational damage and may ultimately leave you creating recruitment and retention challenges.

Engaging people doesn’t mean making everything fun. Sure, it’s part of it, but the secret to having an engaged workforce is to tap into intrinsic motivators as well as extrinsic ones. Learn what these are, why they matter and how everyone can contribute to building and maintaining an engaged workforce. Oh, and pick up a bunch of top tips that you can try for immediate and long-lasting engagement.

“Really well delivered session. Engaging! Found it very useful.”

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Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Myers Briggs Type Indicator is a psychometric profiling tool used to identify an individual's preference in each of four preference pairs; Extroversion and Introversion, Sensing and INtuition, Thinking and Feeling, and Judging and Perceiving. Taking time to understand the what each pairing depicts, the typical behaviours of each preference and the characteristics of each type can give a great insight into those we work with, particularly in relation to reducing conflict and getting the best from one another.

Available as one-to-one sessions, group learning or a combination of the two, this is a learning experience for the whole team to elevate understanding, co-operation and performance. Whether you’ve been together for a while or are newly formed, this session will be of benefit.

Click here for programme details - People Profiling

People Profiling

A light touch and exceptionally insightful exploration of four basic personality types, how people with a preference for each might present, how to get the best from them and how they might behave under times of stress. Incorporating delegates’ own experiences and reflections and creating a space where people can share tips on how to help them perform at their best, this programme works at multiple levels. From Team Leaders working better with their peers, leading their people more effectively and colleagues deploying some of the learning in their interactions with customers, this programme impacts individuals and teams alike.

An intense, insightful half-day workshop that has long lasting impact.

“The Team Leaders are still talking about this course and what they learned – and it was months ago!”


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