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We deliver workshops and coaching sessions specifically targeted at reconnecting, engaging and focussing teams to work better together


Developing Teams is a group coaching programme that will reconnect and revive a team, transforming it from being disjointed and disconnected to one that has purpose, is built on trust and delivers results. Perfect for teams that have perhaps lost their way, need to refocus and whose performance in the coming months is crucial.

Also great for teams and leaders who are thinking about how they might re-integrate people who have been working remotely for many months and haven't seen one another for quite some time!


Developing your people - Improving Engagement

Improving Engagement

Do you want to be surrounded by people who enjoy coming to work and get fulfilment from what they do? Do you want that for yourself too? Our engagement masterclass shows you how to make that possible by introducing you to MyModel©, teaches you the deeper concepts of engagement at work (we’re not talking pink and fluffy here) and leaves you with an approach you can deliver in your workplace.

Developing your people - Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Sometimes, having a couple of days learning together as a team can be just what’s needed to strengthen relationships, focus on personal development and improve performance. Undertaking MBTI profiling together will develop a whole-team awareness of personality preferences, identify how those preferences play out in times of stress and how working in different ways can get the very best from each team member.

people profiling

People Profiling

Personality clashes among the team are causing distraction. You’ve built a team where people have different strengths but rather than pulling together there’s some underlying tension. Understanding personality preferences; how people typically present themselves, respond to challenge and work at their best will enable your people to identify where there are differences and learn how to get the best from each other.


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Improving Engagement

An engaged workforce will help take your business to the next level; they’ll understand what you’re trying to achieve, contribute ideas, give discretionary effort, be emotionally invested in the business, enjoy coming to work and delight your customers. A disengaged workforce will generate confusion, hold back their skills, may cause reputational damage and may ultimately leave you creating recruitment and retention challenges.

Engaging people doesn’t mean making everything fun. Sure, it’s part of it, but the secret to having an engaged workforce is to tap into intrinsic motivators as well as extrinsic ones. Learn what these are, why they matter and how everyone can contribute to building and maintaining an engaged workforce. Oh, and pick up a bunch of top tips that you can try for immediate and long-lasting engagement.

“Really well delivered session. Engaging! Found it very useful.”

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Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Myers Briggs Type Indicator is a psychometric profiling tool used to identify an individual's preference in each of four preference pairs; Extroversion and Introversion, Sensing and INtuition, Thinking and Feeling, and Judging and Perceiving. Taking time to understand the what each pairing depicts, the typical behaviours of each preference and the characteristics of each type can give a great insight into those we work with, particularly in relation to reducing conflict and getting the best from one another.

Available as one-to-one sessions, group learning or a combination of the two, this is a learning experience for the whole team to elevate understanding, co-operation and performance. Whether you’ve been together for a while or are newly formed, this session will be of benefit.

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People Profiling

A light touch and exceptionally insightful exploration of four basic personality types, how people with a preference for each might present, how to get the best from them and how they might behave under times of stress. Incorporating delegates’ own experiences and reflections and creating a space where people can share tips on how to help them perform at their best, this programme works at multiple levels. From Team Leaders working better with their peers, leading their people more effectively and colleagues deploying some of the learning in their interactions with customers, this programme impacts individuals and teams alike.

An intense, insightful half-day workshop that has long lasting impact.

“The Team Leaders are still talking about this course and what they learned – and it was months ago!”

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