Don’t just take our word for it. This is what our clients and supporters have to say.

Coaching Testimonial – Daxa Solanki, Operations Manager, Leeds City Council

“Coaching came at the right time for me in my professional career, I didn’t realise how much I needed it until I had it. It really made me reflect on myself and challenged me to think differently. It also gave me the courage to take on situations that I had been procrastinating on. I now manage conflict in a coaching way and have greater self-confidence. Nicola is an excellent coach and I would encourage anyone thinking about it to take up the opportunity to be coached by Nicola.”

Coaching Testimonial – Adam Quesne, Head of Customer Contact, Leeds City Council

“Nicola provides a safe space for exploring thoughts and ideas. She very quickly put me at ease and I felt very comfortable sharing things about me and my role. Coaching has helped me work on some specific areas and more broad topics and I believe I will be able to use the approaches to help problem solve and get better solutions. I would definitely recommend coaching with Nicola. I’ve enjoyed the experience and got a lot from it.”

Coaching Testimonial – Claire McMahon – Manager

"I began my coaching sessions with Nicola at a point of transition in my career. I was originally looking for a sounding board and some general support. I had been a coach and a coachee in the past, so was very open to this as an approach.

Nicola is remarkable at ensuring you feel both at ease and supported. She provides enough structure to guide you through but with enough flexibility to find your own way.

During the months I worked with Nicola my confidence in my own abilities grew, but I also acknowledged where I could develop further and identified ways to achieve this. We used a variety of methods to focus our chats, the photocards were a revelation! (I will forever identify with slightly imperfect tomatoes!)

It was a particularly challenging time for me and I can honestly say Nicola’s support was invaluable. Our sessions were cathartic, I laughed and cried but always finished feeling clear in my next steps.

Nicola reaffirmed for me how empowering a coaching relationship can be, she is so very skilled in helping you find the right way for you. All done with good humour and kindness.

Thank you Nicola, you’re a star!"

Coaching Testimonial – Chloe Masters – Programme Support Specialist

"When I started my coaching with Nicola i didn't have a clear idea of what a coaching relationship would entail before I got the opportunity to experience it. However, my initial expectation was that it would be was a formal relationship in which work related support and guidance would be offered in situations discussed during the sessions. I was anticipating structured sessions with possibly an agenda to each one. After starting my coaching this wasn't necessarily all completely correct whilst guidance and support were part of my coaching it wasn't always work related and I found every session led me down a path that I hadn't always expected when the session started. The most important thing that was different for me was that actually there was no formal structure and the session would go wherever I wanted it to go with open conversations being the best way to get the most out of my sessions.

My coaching sessions have given me an opportunity to explore my thinking in further depth with encouragement to look at things from a different angle than just the one that I would subconsciously use normally.

It has built my confidence massively in the work place and in my day to day job helping me to challenge myself and explore other opportunities out of my comfort zone. It has also provided me with great coping techniques for when I am finding things a little more difficult.

I found Nicola's style and approach coaching to be a great help to me offering ideas to provoke my thoughts in ways I hadn't previously explored always making sure I came away feeling I had achieved something.

I always found it very easy to talk to Nicola in multiple different settings, she was always professional, friendly and made me feel comfortable and in control of where I wanted my sessions to go. I was always confident Nicola would challenge my thinking to an appropriate level. I found Nicola's style to be very much client led making sure I got out of every session something I could use and apply further in my day to day life which suited me perfectly.

I would definitely recommend anyone that hasn't had the opportunity to experience coaching to get in touch with Nicola it is a great way to see anything you would like to take to a session in a new light that you may have never thought of. I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions and always looked forward to what challenges to my thoughts Nicola would present and always came away with a sense of achievement after each meeting.

My sessions have given me a great confidence boost therefore anyone that is struggling with belief in themselves or their work or anyone that needs a new outlook on how to cope in different situations would benefit massively from Nicola's sessions."