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Article 1 – Coaching isn’t always the answer

Coaching isn’t always the answer.

How effective a coaching conversation is depends on so many different factors; timing, location, skill, context, desire, distractions etc. One of the main reasons that I see of coaching conversations not turning out the way the coach had hoped is that is simply wasn’t the most helpful intervention for that person, in that context.

Remember, coaching is non-directive; listening, questioning, exploring. Hugely valuable when reflecting on events, considering personal development and making big decisions. Not so helpful when learning how to do something, wanting direction and seeking advice.

The phrase coaching is often used interchangeably with mentoring, training, performance management, feeding back and these are each valuable interventions in their own right, but they’re not coaching.

Next time you are working with someone why not just check in with yourself and ask

“Is this the most helpful approach, to this person, in this context”

Article 2 – Coaching is just a conversation with a purpose

We can get ourselves in a bit of a tangle when it comes to coaching.  As the coach, it can be easy to set expectations super high and put pressure on ourselves to make a significant impact on our coachee in every single interaction. As the coachee, it can all be a bit new, and clunky, and awkward – not quite knowing what to share, what not to and feeling like there’s an expectation that it will all suddenly fit together, when it might not.

The truth is, you probably coach effectively already. Whenever you are curious, enquiring or simply listening, you are using coaching skills. When you play back what you’ve just heard, you’re using coaching skills. When you ask someone why they feel the way they do, how they’ve come to a particular conclusion or when you challenge them to think of alternative ways, you’re using coaching skills.

And what are the chances that you don’t put yourself under undue pressure for those conversations?

Go for it, it’s just a conversation with a purpose.

Article 3 – A coachee’s view

It’s always rewarding when we get brilliant testimonials from our clients. Observing shifts in thinking, ‘a-ha’ moments and the clarity that comes when people work through the challenges they thought insurmountable in coaching sessions is always a delight but a testimonial really is the cherry on the cake.

“Coaching came at the right time for me in my professional career, I didn’t realise how much I needed it until I had it. It really made me reflect on myself and challenged me to think differently. It also gave me the courage to take on situations that I had been procrastinating on. I now manage conflict in a coaching way and have greater self-confidence. Nicola is an excellent coach and I would encourage anyone thinking about it to take up the opportunity to be coached by Nicola.” Operations Manager, City Council

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