Boosters : Summer Special

Hold on to your hats! We’re going big on Linked In this summer!

Throughout August and September there are going to be regular posts on our Boost HR page on LinkedIn.

We’re going to base the posts on what we do best; coaching and people development. Each week, there will be a blend of top tips, approaches and skills boosts nestled amongst stories from our clients and updates of what we’re up to – virtually of course!

If you’re not already following our Boost HR page on LinkedIn do follow the link below so you don’t miss out or connect with me on LinkedIn and I’ll be happy to invite you.

It doesn’t matter what age we reach and whether we have children or not, there’s something about this time of year, the loooong summer holidays that can be super powerful in re-energising and recreating.

Personal goals and professional goals alike, the 6 weeks of summer can be a welcome opportunity to mix things up a little bit and try something new. Why? Because the time of year works well for us. It’s just over 6 months since we made our new year’s resolutions (anyone remember what they were?) and the pause that August so often brings (with many people taking time away from work) presents a welcome opportunity to re-evaluate all that’s been and what’s still to come. Also, 6 weeks is long enough to do something meaningful (weight loss plan, social media mix up, piloting a new idea) but short enough that it’s achievable and focused.

What can you achieve in six whole weeks?

Head over to our LinkedIn page for starters! (link at the bottom of the webpage)