Boost HR Diagnostic

Discover where you're soaring and where you're stumbling across 5 key areas of HR.  Undertake our diagnostic assessment to determine the strengths and potential risks of your current HR activity and receive a clear plan of action to keep you on track.


Boost HR Diagnostic is a tool that allows you to assess how effective your current HR activities are (even if you don’t recognise them as such), identify what you could do to further improve them (if you so wish), and highlights the potential risks that you are exposed to. The diagnostic tool doesn’t assume that you want to be excellent at everything. For your business, in your industry, at your size, good might be good enough. Therefore you can compare where you are now, with where you want to be and the action plan provided will reflect that vision.

The assessment covers 5 key areas. You can choose from undertaking Boost HR Diagnostic – Full (all 5 areas) or Boost HR Diagnostic – Lite (3 areas, one of which must be ‘getting the basics right’). The 5 key areas are;

Getting the basics right

Assessing employment contracts, minimum wage, pensions, time off and all the other things that underpin the relationship between the employer and the employee.

Attracting and Selecting

Looking at ethical and legal recruitment and selection, approach to attracting candidates, understanding of local markets, feedback, contracting and induction.

Developing and Managing 

Considering performance management and review, when and how feedback is given, how people are developed and consequences of performance.

Engaging and Retaining

Reviewing ‘how things are done around here’, what makes your organisation a great place to work, why your people stay with you, and why they might leave.

Releasing and Restructuring

Understanding how you handle leavers, their feedback, your decision making around replacement and/or reorganising responsibilities and learning from leavers.

The assessment is completed on your premises (or at a location of your choosing) and is conducted by conversation with you and one or two of your staff members as appropriate. The assessment takes up to 2 hours. Following the assessment, you may be required to supply examples of documents (e.g. employment contract). Your completed assessment and action plan will then be shared with you and discussed in a phone call / face to face meeting and next steps agreed.

Boost HR Diagnostic (Lite) - £350.00 (Introductory Price)

Boost HR Diagnostic (Full) - £550.00 (Introductory Price)

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